The Distance

On Your Mark, Get Set, Go —

Rigópoula T Tsambounieris
1 min readMar 13, 2020


Distance nourishes the flame of love

the glimmer traces the flameless star

Deprived of honeyed promise

the distance charges it’s dead battery

only to batter me on the run

as promise crosses the finish line,

renewable resource, recycles

the distance grows, reborn

retaught to tie my laces, I

begin again

Starved, I dine upon the remnants,

of a dead star, the

glimmer fading on a spark

the distance eats me up

Distance believes it has a heart

only because it won the the race

— - inhuman propaganda

I will cross the distance in time,

Promise, dusts the remains,

senescence, the midwife

devours the afterbirth

and distance lonely waves,

from a distance — stretching

It measures the length

of my shadow, impotent

it concedes the victory

I claim the unknown cup,

Distance spitting, creates a stir

and the dust settles — the

distance between you and I.

Copyright ©. R Tsambounieri Talarantas. March 2020. All Rights Reserved.



Rigópoula T Tsambounieris

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